Vision Boards for Kids – #1

High school can be a very challenging time of life. Last year was my son’s first year of high school and the transition was very slow, long, overwhelming, challenging to say the least.

With the beginning of another high school year coming around very soon, I was looking for a positive way to help inspire my son, keeping him on track, and helping him  keep focus during times of future stress and anxiety.

So, when I read Sally Thibault’s post on her website “Wise Mothers – Raising children in the era of social media” it gave me the perfect direction for us to go in.

Sally is amazing with her ideas, knowledge and wisdom, and her website is certainly one to bookmark – with one of my four boys starting the ‘teenage’ years, I know where I will go to gather information and guidance. You can follow Wisemothers on Facebook HERE.

Last year, when my son became extremely overwhelmed with his homework,  I made him an ‘Organisational Board’ for him to clip each piece of homework on, to keep him focussed on what was urgent and not so urgent – instead of feeling like he was drowning (which had a tendency to occur daily) in ALL of the homework tasks. This worked a treat!

Homework Organiser Board

A vision board is a further extension of this and is excellent for kids (and adults!) to be constantly reminded of all the things that are important, bring happiness, joy, fun and also a reminder of goals, achievements and direction for the future.

When I mentioned the idea of making a vision board to my son, he was excited by the task, and we talked about the sorts of things he would include on his own board. The seed was planted, and over a week, we collected a range of things that he could use to make his 2012 vision board.

All the things needed to start creating

We attached string around the canvas, with the idea of using pegs to clip on pictures, messages, quotes etc..

String is stretched across the canvas

Notes, thoughts and messages to self was the theme of the vision board. For most of us there are qualities that we know about ourselves and yet we are so quick to forget them when we become overwhelmed.

Vision Board Messages

Messages to attach to the vision board

Next was attaching pictures to create a visual reminder of things we value…

Pictures for the vision board

Completed 2012 Vision Board

Over a few days the vision board for 2012 was completed. It was vital that the words, focus and goals set out were created solely by my son, to ensure that he takes full ownership. I have also encouraged him to add to it throughout the year as he feels the need. The vision board is to be the first thing to be read in the morning and the last thing to be read at night. My son was very pleased with his work and so he should be – it is just great.  It is such a valuable tool, a reminder of who he is and where he wants to go.

His two younger brothers (9 and 5 yrs) were also very impressed and decided they too want to create their own vision boards. How can I not encourage this?

This project has now become bigger than I first expected, with one vision board completed, two to go! Stay tuned as I help create a vision board for my other two sons….I will add another post soon with their resulting work!

Thank you to Sally for the idea  of making a vision board – and for my son for making this project so successful!

9 thoughts on “Vision Boards for Kids – #1

  1. I am not looking forward to the days when my children have serious homework (my oldest is in Kindergarten), but this is a great way to keep it managable. I like the vision board idea. I’m going to keep stowing away these ideas for the future. Thanks!

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